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“I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying. “

quoted by

Michael Jordan (1963-)


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Community Food Store

‘Every where you go in the world there seems to be an unequal distribution of wealth, much waste and amenities unused by the people who need them most.’

Who are we ?
  • We are a community based food bank offering assistance to people experiencing extreme poverty.
  • Non faith based
  • Non judgemental
  • No preaching, non prying.
  • Confidential
Why we do it ?
  • Everyday many of the residents young and old, able and disable, carers, individuals and families go without food.
  • Many of these people are not homeless.
  • We are a large borough with high levels of poverty, we need one!
  • He / She who feels it knows it!! (what does no food mean to you)
Where we serve ?
  • We serve residents from anywhere within the borough of Croydon.
Our Team 

Together we will facilitate opportunity will allow the individuals to gain training and therefore worthwhile employment and financial independence.

Gino Aponte

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Matthew Palmer

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Van Robinson

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Victor Hill

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In Our Ongoing Efforts To Assist We Have Helped With

15000 Food Bank Parcels

So far…

Can you help us ?

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