revivifycommunity | Vision
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“To encourage participation and facilitate a thriving community at all levels
and for everyone”


Revivify Community Vision


‘Everywhere you go in the world there seems to be an unequal distribution of wealth, much waste and amenities unused by the people who need them most.’


Revivify Community was established from the realization that the Community Rights, Peace, Justice and Development needs to be a united effort. We are a merger of minds participating together in response to community problems.


Collectively we wish to enhance their communities way of life through support and relief, constructive development projects and positive educational alternatives that are distributed to those that need them. We are concerned with the health and well-being of our community.


We wish to facilitate the development of women and youths especially, through empowerment and education. We will encourage the acceptance of responsibility at all levels, so that a positive contribution can be made by all in the community.


We encourage the community to take ownership of the success of the project. Together we will facilitate opportunity will allow the individuals to gain training and therefore worthwhile employment and financial independence.



My name is Claire. I really enjoy my work of engaging with the Community, which has encouraged me to seek further experience in the field of Business.

Fatima and I have are developing creative strategies that the organisation could introduce to appeal to the commercial Market in order to “raise awareness” to the company’s overall Mission. This has inspired me greatly to learn every aspect of my role and gain more experience on my journey.

Since joining I have improved my communication skills and team Building/management and social skills and feel motivated to make a difference in my family and my community.”