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“To seek assistance for needy communities –
The Community Food bank”

“The Community Food Bank was started in 2011. Its purpose is to provide support and  relief to people in need. The service existed before Welfare Reforms but the fact that CrisisLoans were abolished in Croydon meant many people faced food poverty for the first time. We have been here through a recession, austerity measures, and the current redevelopment. For people in a crisis there has always been a need for our service.


The food bank is the community’s response to helping these people in a crisis. We provide food and items such as toiletries and items for babies on request. Sometimes we may able to help with larger items like furniture. So it’s worth making an enquiry.


Clients must be referred to us by a partner agency and on arrival we will give them 3 days’ worth of food. If they need help after this time they can be referred again, however, we advise that anybody in food poverty for a while should seek assistance from the local council.


We operate with the assistance of volunteers, many of these have been from the local youth population but we have also had a number of volunteers that just wish to give back to their local communities. Food is gained from donations and collections from both within and out of the borough and redistributed to people that need it.

why we do it!

  • Everyday many of the residents young and old, able and disable, carers, individuals and families go without food.
  • Many of these people are not homeless.
  • We are a large borough with high levels of poverty, we need to support each other
  • He / She who feels it knows it!! (what does no food mean to you?

If you wish to be a Referral Partner then link to form

If you wish to know where you can get a referral Partner list

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