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“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.”

Michael Jordan

What Else

To work alongside community partnerships, the board and other relevant organisations to pursue the aim of reaching our target beneficiaries and communities at large to ensure full representation and accountability.

The referral partners are from a variety of orgs in Croydon. All of which provide complimentary services to residents. We aim to be accessible to all who need us. We advocate for equalities in Croydon, “It’s a big job, trying to influence professionals and those in power. I’ve had some training and I am feeling more confident that my opinions are valued by now.”
We have representing on various bodies/boards JSNA, Child Poverty, Stronger Community Partnership, Community Engagement and Confidence Programme Board, a sub group of the Safer Community Partnership, Domestic Violence, Participation on these boards/bodies ensures that the views and opinions of ‘the less-heard’ communities are received by commissioners and those planning our services.


  • Break the cycle of disadvantage amongst children, youths, elderly and the handicapped/disabled population-volunteering advocating and events


  • Encourage positive changes in destructive behavioral patterns. Mentoring and training, bringing people together/events/workshops,

To provide a non formal, non sexist, gender aware and supportive environment for those with none or minimum formal education to progressively develop.